Palgrave Macmillan The Belt & Road Initiative in the Global Arena

This book is among the first to systematically analyze and discuss Chinese government's"One Belt, Road" initiative to promote infrastructure investment economic development, bringing together a diverse range of scholars from China, Rus


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Springer Cities Network Along the Silk Road

By empirically assessing the competitiveness of 505 cities around world from regional, national and other perspectives, this book not only ranks these but also presents a treasure trove of information with regard to each city's relative


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Demos Medical Handbook of Polytrauma Care Rehabilitation

Handbook of Polytrauma Care Rehabilitation summarizes the most frequent medical psychological problems encountered by combat survivors patients with concurrent injuries to brain other body systems. The offers a road


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Demos Health 22 Accessible Road Trips

Bronze Winner 2012 Foreword Reviews Book of The Year, Travel Guides Category22 Accessible Road Trips contains useful and detailed information about accessible travel, that's readable, informative pertinent. book is aimed


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Éditions Perce Neige Vortex

Jean Babineau poursuit avec Vortex une exploration très originale des rapports interculturels sur le continent américain. Ce road book qui fait voyager l'Acadien André Boudreau de Moncton au Mexique est le lieu d'un foisonnement du langage et


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TSO The Official DVSA Guide to Driving Buses and Coaches (9th edition)

Whether you're a learner, an experienced PCV driver or an instructor, this book is packed full of updated advice that will help stay safe on road, including information forms basis of Driver CPC test. Stressing safety,


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Open Road Media Forbidden Bookshelf Presents Christopher Simpson

Three provocative exposés from a National Jewish Book Award winning journalist address the CIA's recruitment of Nazis and use of psychological warfare. The Splendid Blond Beast: This groundbreaking investiga


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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers The Road to Tenure

The Road to Tenure offers humorous recollections of the messiness and confusion that fill days of a pre tenure academic from graduate school through postdoc into assistant professor days. book's three sections roughly


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Lulu Publishing Services FEAR: Face Everything and Rise

F.E.A.R. is a book relatable to people dealing with everyday spiritual, mental, and emotional obstacles. It reminds you the importance of self awareness healing while on road to empowerment mastery.


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Springer A Fast Road to the Study of Emotions

This book is an ideal introduction to work in psychology and the neurosciences. Walking us through key topics including historical, developmental cultural perspectives, shows that different types of emotions each is an evolved


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